Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

I am the victim of fraud
In my face, together they applaud
A Gross negligence
To my mind and body a major disturbance
I am the victim of doings that are wrongful
And yes criminal
Is all I see in yesterday’s reflection
You see the very same people ordinarily we are told to trust
Today brings my soul to disgust
Over and over again they’ve multiplied, ignoring my countless whys
Is there no dignity
Has everything become solely
About gaining financially
How can they sleep
When I cant even eat
How can they smile in my face
Retract or retrace
Tell lies, literally disgrace
Their  profession
Then force my aggression
Giving it yet again a false caption
Around me proceed with caution
You see in this one life I’ve lived
I’ve seen more deception then the love I’ve daily give
At this point I simply reject
Doctors, lawyers, employers
Have legalized fraud
Workers Compensation they applaud
Out loud I wanna scream you raped me
When you stole my life from me
Financially you gain
While I live in pain
Pain in the multitudes
Forever you’ve changed my attitude
Forever you’ve made me look
Look at you as a closed book
Judging you by your cover
But inside me,  how much of you I’ve discovered
Often I wonder
If I should shine the light
Or is this a battle for me my God will fight
I did all I could
Doing as I should
Letting my body tell my truth, tell my story of pain
For over a year, lived with less, nothing have I gained
Financial ruins
Burden by their faulty doing
In recent days
I’ve confronted them on their ways
Skipping over major details
Going straight to the point. Its them trying to derail
Push me aside
Coverup for each other, behind each other hide
In each other confide
Coverup the deception
For some sort of financial gratification
A dirty ass seed
Yesterday I called my employer
Pleading my case to them. Expressing and explaining
That however it is I’m losing not gaining
I cried so hard
Expressed my challenges, shared how they’ve lied
Over and over again Marsha replied
“There’s nothing I can do”
“Nothing you can do”, I repeated
Her words left me depleted
In my mind separated
Separated from the reality
The reality I once new to follow with all of my ability
I’m struggling with right and wrong
Justice and unjust, trying desperately to hold on.
My body constantly aching
My employer saying I’m faking
My lawyer keeps saying  all the wrong things
Everyday I’m confused if i should just give him wings
Let him fly
Finally finding the courage to address him
All of them
So I asked him in the heated of heated conversations
Through expressed frustration
“How much does he stand to gain”
Stand to gain when I lose
Or rather have lost, and it wasn’t  me to chose
But you see i had a choice
Gave myself a voice
Although I’ve had a year of complete pain
Each day i had to gradually
Find the energy
To fight for me
When i ask my lawyer that one major question
Instead of answering, a dial tone was his election
I was never addressed
Addressed my concerns, or even simply confessed
But yet in still showed no progress
On their side from the beginning
This road now i am however aligning
Comes when timing
When timing aint at its best
When I need to let my body rest
Its me they wanna test
Doctors lying
Lawyers confiding
My employer hiding
All for this one thing they applaud
All while committing fraud
Financial gain
While i remain
Permanently disabled
Financially unstable
Physically and
Most times mentally unsuitable
Regretting the day I even applied for the job at TWC
I never imagined my employer would hurt me
Then call me a liar, destroy me mentally
Drain me emotionally
And not to mention depleted financially
May 1 2015
The first day inside their doors was seen
May 7, 2015
The first time discrimination was keen
An act so mean
Today leaves me picking up pieces
Or rather swallowing their feces
My mind crowded
Filled with hatred
Mad and upset
Realizing telling the truth wont get
Wont get you the results expected
More so getting rejected
Redirected from what was installed as child
Reality completely false,  reality similar to the wild
No matter how criminal
Racial discriminated against me
Then left me with a permanent disability
Falsified my medical records
Changed my diagnosis,  changed what was stored
Its their license they afford
Afford to lose
Or rather should i say lost
And at what cost
My body told my story
They overlooked me
Seeing something different then my ability
My agility
My dignity
To fight for whats right
Never be afraid to lose
But simply chose
To give them all the financial gratification
The financial gratification the deserve
As they gave me when they physically damaged my nerves
I believe in me
My God has given me strength that only for me to see
I am a victim of fraud
Then all together financially awaiting to applaud
Worker Compensation legalized fraud. Employers, doctors and lawyers licensed criminals
With financial goals

I am Advocate for Injured Employees


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