Logging In

Logging In
To my life again
Happiness I pretend
Seeing yesterday repeat over and over again
Watching so many people sin
Then win
I was taught right from wrong
But going backwards as the days are long
What I as child was taught
Differs in all of my tomorrows and yesterdays battles to be or being fought
When I close my eyes at night
Its that vision, that sight
A sight I see; seeing past here and now
Although everyday at right and wrong I have raised eyebrows
So many doing things so very foul
Then expect me to bow
Really! Is that thing I’m saying
When I’m looking
And my eyebrows are raising
My eyes squinting
And unknown signal
One they don’t know
But at pivotal point
Trying to stay joint
To what I  believe
Verses what life leaves me to conceive
Logging into to my life each day doing as I believe
While each and every day I leave
behind, I’m left filled with messages over and over again they repeat
Messages complete
Some ending in a simple period
Others marked by an exclamation that really has none
Most of them are left open, marked by a question
Inside me I’m asking
Asking Questions to what I’m seeing
In right and wrong I’m simply not believing
Gravitating more so to the wrong that’s made to be right
No matter how much you fight
What shines in the light
Is the countless lies
In the shadow, I see all of my whys
Am I  rebel with a cause
Or does the causation have me on pause
Whatever the case maybe
Its that vision I see
That keeps me believing
And keeps Logging into a tomorrow that seems to keep repeating.
At least repeating for me
While others following that new rule, a new day they see


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