I Woke Up Today

I woke up lonely today
With no direction either way
Wishing i had the slightest bit control
Or even in my favor the dice would roll
It bothers me
Even disappoints me
Damages me
All the corruption i see
My job purposely injured me
Then said they didnt believe me
Lied and now they’re trying to hinder me
Not knowing, well so i think, destroy me mentally
Whats the probability
That i recoup all of me
All of me
Controlling me
Bad mouthing me
Pulling me countless ways
Lost in the miss days
Hating the day i was force play
In game i dont understand
Its the truth from them i simply demand
As they have the power to command
And down im made to stand
Despite my truth, they my man
Or should i say the men
The men stand in front of me
Who hold my truth in front of them. 
Are own him
Right here i simply lay
With no direction either way
Broke with no means to fairly play
And this is how I’ve  woken up for over a year, every single day.


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