Pursuant to…

Pursuant to Statute….(18 U.S.C. 1347) 

(1) The defendant knowingly & willingly devised or participated in a scheme to defraud a healthcare benefit. 

(2) The statements made or facts omitted as part of the scheme were material. 

(3) The defendant acted with intent to defraud, and

(4) The scheme involved the delivery of or payment for healthcare benefits, items or services for a federal Healthcare program. 

Today marks day 425, equaling 1 year, 1 month, and 28 days of my injury on May 7, 2015. Last night I laid here wanting to organize my information for my workers comp deposition in a few days. I couldnt do anything. My mind was racing everywhere. Mainly because of what I read online after my blog post yesterday.  I was overwhelmed by the article written by Mark Spivey. The article caught my eye instantly. After reading it in its entirety. I couldn’t pretty much do anything else the rest of the day. I was unable to concentrate on my task in front of me at current. Acts of fraud within my own dealings with  fraudulent doctors, nurses, my job, the insurance companies and lets not leave out the attorneys. And yes thats plural. The article was dated June 22, 2016. Just a few days ago. So you can imagine my place while reading a headline as such saying, “The Largest National Healthcare Fraud Take-Down!” From the first sentence to the last, my eyes never left the screen. Over 300 physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers charged with fraud totaling $900 million.  Before I  knew it. Hours had gone by and I had read most of the indictments listed.  I read with amazement. I was also very much elated for that moment I  felt that there was hope.  But I’m telling you I was disappointed at the same time because as I am a victim of medical or Healthcare fraud. Not to mention the conspiracy to defraud for kickbacks. I sat still last wondering what to do next. Wondering who should I  call. Wondering if anyone would listen.  If  anyone would care. Because as it is now, Im alone in my fight for to protect me.  I am unable to trust anyone in my state. I’ve realized how naive I am. But clearly understanding that is or has been a difficult battle with my injury as it is my ever. This one incident demonstrates so much greed. Its sickening.  For the last year I’ve been asking for help. And getting no where.  The state is small and the  cities are connect. They all know each other. I have had no success in receiving help or support. The one thing that came clear to me in recent days, was the lack of support groups or agencies in place for the injured employee. Every thing I thought that would or could lead me to an open door. Was geared more so to the employer. Stating the employees are trying to defraud their employer. How is not humanly possible to see whose underdog. Never in my life have I seen whats right in front of me today. One doctor imparticular laughed in my face, saying he was my last chance. This was August of 2015. Three months after my injury to my right shoulder.  I have had four MRIs, and only one has viewed them, my primary care physician.  For me although Im  overwhelmed daily, living literally without nothing, and most times fearful at times of what tomorrow will bring on multiple levels. I am experiencing feelings that honestly leave me feeling some type of way that is far from ordinary.    I have feelings of being bulling, pushed around by all the “professionals” or rather legalized gang of criminals. Defacing my character, mentally causing me to suffer.  Creating a cycle of damage that was not needed.  But most importantly ethically disrdisregarding me, my health, the lost of use in my dominant arm, the what ifs on the future problems occuring. The fact that this was due to an act of sexism, racism for starters. And as I sit in the middle of their greed. I sit here so very disappointed. I sit here with unable to believe in lawyers doctors people in general. Because the one thing people overall dont consider or take into accout. Is that as individuals. Idividually we are still linked in this process we call life. One individual counting on another even if theyve never or will never cross paths.  Each of us as individuals are inadvertently partners.   So as I sit here recovering from surgery to my right shoulder just about two months ago.   But as it is my right shoulder was crushed. I was injured the 5th day of employment. I reported it to my supervisor that evening. But what complicates this for me is that my civil rights were violated. Secondly I was the only female in the training class of 4. The only African American in class. The second woman in the department. In the job description it stated to be able to lift 50 to 70 lbs. Not 84 or 92lbs ladder that in length where 28 ft. On my frame of 217lbs. And so when further speak on the discrimination, I then add; Age discrimination! Being that at the time of my injury I was 46 years old. The oldest of the three others 21 23 33. All Caucasian males. It hurts me that these situations can continue as we are in 2016, have an elected African American president.  And there’s still no relief.  This situation Im facing is coupled together in multiples. And saddens me to have no where to go. Then while in the mist of my own indescribable sisituation. Read and article of fraud in another area of Healthcare but feeling like Im right there. But yet still alone. In my mind saying no ones going help. You. Know will listen. Having self doubt because as it. Dealing with another form of discrimination; I am a person with a known disability. That my employer was a where being that I had to submit to a drug test prior to employment. Not mention the trainer having me so rattle the second day of training May 5, 2015 @820 am.  I dropped the entire bottle all over the floor. Shortly after just about 9 am he stands up and says come guys lets take a break and get some air. After returning to classroom I noticed my company back in disarray. My pill bottle on the top, when it was tucked down to the bottom of my bag. This same trainer in his introduction the day before.  Told of his background as police officer. Stating that he had been with the company for ten years. He went on to stated he left the force after being stabbed by a black man.  The older of three guys all sitting to the right of me asked him, “So what happen to the prick that stabbed you”? His reply was, “Lets just hes no longer with us.”   On thst same day cinco de mayo we were informed that we were to go over to our main facility for lunch. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo. On the way over there.  I was head to my car one of three guys said come on and ride with us. I did. I felt like why isolate myself. You no i really can explain what felt. I just wanted to not create any tension although I felt uncomfortable at the time of my first interview.  Thinking  back to the first day of work.  Friday May 1, 2015. The joke was on me I guess. The men all found it humorous that I was unable to wear the company given uniform pants. Thinking backwards today I so mixed with emotions. I needed a job. I didnt want to separate myself from the men but upset that the intent was to hurt me, to humiliate me. Why is it that  we as women have to succumb to the male dominant pressures if we would care to try a more physical job then others. Why not give a person a chance to see if its what they want to do. Why structure it in a fashion that in my case has done more harm than good. Mentally I wasn’t there with them. I was already fighting other battles. Just simply trying to find my way. As an older woman with adult children. It saddens me when i look over to my right shoulder, seeing the presence of this scar that goes deeper and longer then your can see. 

 Part 1 ……cinco de mayo continuation in Part 2


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