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I started this blog about two months ago. My daughter-in-law thought it would help me deal with my current Work Comp problems. At that timI I sort of knew what I was doing. But really disconnected from the idea.  But at the same time trying to work my way to it. It meaning blogging. I wanted to find a place of comfort. A place that would help me heal mentally. Hoping then I can heal physically.  The part that leaves me confused and unable to trust even my lawyer at this point.  Is the fact that my injury was seen known documented and all of them tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with me. The pain was severe. So severe at times Id try to stay completely still. Id position my arm in between the pillow stablize it. Bwut first Id hold the ball of humerus bone. Holding it because it was dislocated. The bulge was clear and evident. My scapula was falling forward as trapeze muscle had collapsed.  My clavicle was also bulged up and outward. The ball and socket were separate from one another. The ball of it was falling forward as well. Even today after surgery its still dislocated. But because of the racist act that caused my injury. Each an every doctor that I went to see gave me a different diagnosis.  Giving injections as if my clavicle would shrink back into place. Or maybe miraculously the ball would jump back into its socket. Either way I never ever in my life I ever had to beg a Dr to fix me.  When my attorney sent me to his doctor. His so called close friend. He came in the room. Didnt say much. He brought in a sample clavicle told my clavicle was normal in size and position. So then Dr C leaves the room comes back in saying that its a muscle sprain. Okay I will definitely accept that diagnosis.  Knowing what I know now.  And as it is that diagnosis is the only this across the board the same. By the time I went to see Dr C that one and only time. Prior to that I spent July thru October see Dr D.  Dr D when he came in the room sat down and said I guess Im your last chance. Your last hope. Thinking back on it. I was in so much pain it Didnt register right away what he said. If wasnt for the fact I started writing recording all my visits no matter who it was. Except for Dr C. My attorney ask me not to based on their relationship.  I could tell by his demeanor from the start what was going to happen.  I had the pleasure of seeing the same sort of face. It also gave me a clear understanding of who was on whose side. Who it was contacting each Dr.  Persuading them to mentally abuse.  Persuading them risk their livelihoods. 

On March 25, 2016 Dr K performed major surgery rebuilding my shoulder. While being rolled into the operating room. I mentioned loudly that i was a coder. A coder of medical billing and coding. I guess they didnt here me.  Or they thought I to be stupid.  On the post op discharge papera the preop listed 3 diagnosis. Further down the page was the post op diagnosis. Now the post op diagnosis list 2 additional diagnoses one being a complete tear to my gleniod labrum. Exactly the place i point out that burned severely.  The fifth was partial tear to subscapularis tendon. There again place i directed each doctor to. 5 mm of my clavicle was removed removed and the it was resectioned. There was severe impingement to my AC Joint.   But yet in still Dr K and his PA will call him Mr BS. So on April 4, 2016 i was extremely anxious to see Dr K.  I had finally gotten the proof to show all of them Im no liar. I dont fake nothing to get money out of no one.  But as it was the moment the nurse Mr E said, “One of them will be in.” I already knew what was going on. I told my PCP that he just wanted to get in my arm and try to fix it and do as he did alter the diagnosis creatively.  I expressed to my PCP that I want a complete video study from beginning to end. I wanted to visually see the complete process as he worked on me. But what that did do is this….hold on let go back a few minutes. That April 4 visit end quickly.  After realizing what was up and this little short man appears in the doorway introducing himself. I knew what was next.  He gives me 3 or 4 pages of paper on them.  Doing so, but in a very sarcastic manner while smiling and looking at me in my face. I stood up. Stepdown from the examining table. Telling him at the same; not to fuck with me. And i left the office. The moment i said i needed my diagnosis in writing. He then replying. That they didnt think this was a work comp injury. I came so close to slapping no what out him. But i left like a lady. I was scheduled for another appointment on 5/9/16 i didnt go. Partly because things were clear who was doing what. I did however return on 5/23/16 on this Visit I instructed Mr E,  Dr K’s nurse to tell Dr K him or no one.  Dr K once Dr K entered that room telling me there was no structural damage.  I said game on. I told them all. I don’t mind losing. Because a whole lot of others are going to. 

As i wrap this up or as I close for the night. I wanna share something. Healthcare fraud is booming. And i hate being right here but you what it was meant for to be the one to handles this. If you call early i said id take that diagnosis of muscle sprain or strain. You may also recall me saying to them im a coder. The first a coder looks at is the diagnosis and procedure and the post op report.  Well one of the codes listed but not primary was muscle sprain. Theres this thing called MS-DRG diagnosis related groups. Theses groups are made up of related synonyms meaning same thing another name.. Well S46.811A under MS DRG has two related synonyms 1 partial tear of the subscapularis tendon and gleniod labram tear of the rt shoulder.  


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