Why Lie?

Over and over again 

My soul I cant let sin

I see in plsin sight

I wont alter me but i will however fight

The unknown leaves fear

But right and wrong I hold dear

Many days I’m depress

Most times scared to confess

That this work comp mess

Has left nothing but stress

Left more stress than i can attest 

My spirit is broken 

I’m injured and left without one token 

Everyone involved lets just say they’re mad because i am truly outspoken 

Im speaking 

At the same time the situation is teaching 

Teaching me the essence of legalized crooks

Stacking chips by corrupting the books

While i deal with pain 

Most withstande than i can withstand

On ther hand 

I was injured 

As i figured

I had to fight 

Protect me do whats righr 

Shine the light 

On the corruption

Thats made a major disruption 

Crippled my soul

For riches and gold 

Then told

Told me i was liar

And then got the notice i was yes. Fired

Talk about deceit 

Deceit without a receipt. 


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