Abuse of Power 

Where do I start. I’ve made myself the official advocate for injured employees. I feel extremely compelled to share my story. On Friday, September 9, 2016, in Omaha Nebraska I filed two formal complaints.  It’s extremely frightening not knowing if the complaint was even completed wrong. Scared but feeling protected. Protected in a spiritual way. Because it’s is I was injured on May 7, 2015. The injury was the result of discrimination. If I thought a person would listen I’d write in extreme detail. Detailing every count of every moment that has me feeling sad at times. Other times in so much pain I don’t wanna move. But having no choice to get up move pass any amount of pain if it means accomplishing some sort of opening.

On Friday it was it was raining cats and dogs here. The woman clerk of US District Court of Nebraska was rude as hell to me. My nerves cause my body extreme distress when an episode comes on. As I live today my mind sometimes feels the strength of horses, but my body well let’s just say the pain is completely cruel. About 18 months ago my life changed. Changed forever and drastically; mentally, physically and emotionally.  My once naive, follow the law type thought process has been forever altered.  My family laughs at times for me, knowing I like to share in the joy of winning. But you my wins are still very silent. Take this for example, My employer from day one bullied me. Called me a liar. Said my injury wasn’t an injury. My employer as done everything humanly possible to isolate me. Alienate me from every medical system in my city.  Omaha Nebraska ain’t that big. So when I questioned the surgeon on codes he used and/or lacked using altering my diagnosis to arthritis. Performing surgery on my right shoulder trying to reconstruct it. Then telling me it’s was just bone spurs. He also tried to say there was no structural damage. The look on his face when I first display to him the outpatient discharge summary, then next the complete medical record with his dictated post operative report. I went on to lay on the examining room table UB04 claim form for the hospital. Following that was the claim forms for PCI. finally EOBs and the bills they were requesting me to pay. Your win comes right at the point you have in possession months later 3 claims.  3 different dates, 3 different diagnoses,  new codes added, same amount, and all for the same date of service. Another example is the moment you start questioning the inconsistencies in the paper work. When office managers refuse to talk to you. Now referring you to employee relations.  And then just moments after spending hours on the phone we her. Being insulted and taking it. But hanging up with her.  The door bell rings a certified letter from who else.  The president and CEO of their complete health system. The letter titled Termination of Care, in the boldest print.  So when I win. Winning but still unable to celebrate expressing these happenings with immediate family. Their reactions just as clear as yours. So their ability laugh and smile at small but monumental victories for me.  For the winning team; a team of one.  As I am a 47 year old African American woman. I have no college degrees. I’ve often attempted college. The last time lasting almost two years, ending in march 2005. After being inducted into the international honor society for two year colleges. At that time my grades consisted of 1 B and all A’s. At that point I was majoring in criminal justice.  I don’t learn to past the class I learn to understand and be able to apply. I remember one instructor saying, “In this field you have to be smarter than the crooks. Leaving no stone unturned.” He went on to say how most people lack the effort to fight back so when they’re Victimized the victimizers already know creating Avenues to create unlawful acts. Insulting my intelligence is their fault not mines. When they think I talk a lot. But soon enough finding out, although I have nothing. What I do have is me. And my me matters. I am so very proud of myself today as opened yet another bill from the hospital and it’s fascinating how BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD are now zeroing out balances. For that same date of services of the claims submitted by the hospital, physicians his physicians assistant and more. But when the CEO refuses to meet with you. Down play your complaints. And leave a paper trail of cleanup. Or rather smearing of their poop. It does however make you feel that at some point justice will be done.  There’s so many points I want to make in the deepest detail. Making it clear and understandable to anyone and everyone experiencing a work injury. Show you the path to fighting the corruption, the conspiracy. Letting it be none or shown that not having a degree or a licensed professional as they are to be, what risk they’ll take for money. What goes on behind the doors, behind your back, sometimes right in your face. Why work your whole life just to lose it. Why ABUSE THE POWERS of that licensure to simply cheat a person out of returning back to some kind of normalcy. And if nothing else allowing that person the ability to adjust mentally physically and emotionally to the disabilities they’re facing. Because as it is for me, I’m only one voice. Hoping at some point someone listens. Someone spreads the word that I’m out here fighting for others like me an injured employee. Raped and at times molested. Believing in a system among a system of inviduals, systematically committing fraud, conspiring against you for their financial gain, abusing their powers, disrespecting not only themselves and the profession but going the distance to further taking advantage of you and I when we are most vulnerable.

I’m no special person, but at some point a piece of paper that holds an extreme amount a value in multiple was we see also holds no value when you chose to risk it. I’ll admit this most days I’m in pain of some kind. Currently no physician will see me. It’s understandable though. Because you see at the end of every single day, we all stand naked with insecurities and more. The ability to learn a process or processes are there. The ability to stand up for yourself should be a must.  Because all though I didn’t have the knowledge on how to protect me. I simply did what none of them liked I kept talking. I kept talking. I kept talking to any and everyone. I kept Talking! They are people crocked, corrupt criminals. Abusing you in a vulnerable state. Being abuse by at least two professions or systems designed so they say to protect us. Lawyers and Doctors. The Law and your Health two places we are suppose to go when we are vulnerable or Victimized. Workers  Compensation Legalized Fraud. EMPLOYERS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY ABUSING YOU ABUSING THEIR POWERS FOR FINANCIAL GAIN. I’M OUT HERE IF ANY BODIES READING. PLEASE SPREAD MY BLOG. I KNOW THERE’S OTHERS OUT THERE.



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