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A Victim of Employer Fraud

Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

I am the victim of fraud
In my face, together they applaud
Gross negligence
To mind and body a major disturbance
I am the victim of doings that are wrongful
And yes criminal
Is all I see in yesterday’s reflection
You see the very same people ordinarily we are told to trust
Today brings my soul to disgust
Over and over again they’ve multiplied, ignoring my countless whys
Is there no dignity
Has everything become solely
About gaining financially
How can they sleep
When I cant even eat
How can they smile in my face
Retract or retrace
Tell lies, literally disgrace
Their  profession
Then force my aggression
Giving it yet again a false caption
Around me proceed with caution
You see in this one life I’ve lived
I’ve seen more deception then the love…

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