The more I do my research on ESIS Time Warner Cable now Charter. I’m totally devastated! My eyes are so very open at this point. I must admit I was naive. TWC promotes diversity. To bad it’s a situation yet again of saying but not doing. My first day of work was May 1st 2015. I know now not to ever doubt my gut.

Walking in the doors that first day leaves me haunted. My shoulder is truly a reminder.  A constant reminder from either the pain or just the site of it. Discrimination left me branded. It’s so very sad that hatred on any level still exist. Daily I’m up fighting for my rights. Each lash is forever attached to my soul my spirit. I ach mentally and physically. 

To know that ESIS claim adjusters are able to take a twist your life as they see fit. No respect at all for your injury. It’s about the almighty dollar bill. 

They are willing to pay off doctors lawyers you name it. To protect it. My claim adjuster hasn’t answered the phone returned a call nothing. I’m surprised she hasn’t quit. But that won’t stop her from being prosecuted for fraud if I can help it. 

To be injured the way I was. Have to live with it for almost a year. Now have permanent disfigurement as well as a disability. But to mentally be fucked with from a devised scheme of fraud. From crooks. Workers Compensation is supposed to be protection for an injured worker. If I could mentally deal with going backwards. I would sit a write. Give a detailed account of the slimy, grimy things they’ve done to me. Then go home and go to sleep. Then the next day repeat it. While for me I can’t sleep. Have no where to go period. Have no resources. Confidence depleted. Most months my mom and I barely had food. Looking forward to the 4th of every month just to eat. Stretching 194.00 in food stamps. Unable to assist my mom with any finances. As she is very sick with congestive heart failure. 

It hurts to know how easy it is for them all to be opportunist. Taking my life for the last year and a half and doing as they please. Pushing me around as if I’m nothing. Behind my back bullying me around. Cowards taking advantage of me. Denying me proper treatment. Proper medical care.  Causing more problems then they can or will for that matter want to fix. Gross negligence for a kickback. 


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