Today I’m scattered

Beat up and battered


From the same over played film

No direction

Surrounded by friction

On restriction 

Life depleted 

Same seat, seated

I can’t comb my hair

Every where I look it’s bare

Around me no one does however it is, care

Things are just fucking unfair

In my eyes a dead ass blank stare

My situation I know ain’t rare

Asking myself over and over again what should I do

If only more I knew

Around situations I wouldn’t dance

In fact the confidence would make me in their face prance

In the future I sit, in my though daily and glance

Different today am I formed

Over me so much has stormed

Full of gloom

All I see is doom

This situation has done more then consume

It has taken over me

Nothing else do I see

The pain

At times I wish I could, I can’t maintain 

I wanna release

Remembering when my body laid in peace

I wish this would cease

I’m so tired 

Another times wired


Different then yesterday 

In one place im stuck like glue

No matter if that place is mental or physical I haven’t grew

I want my body and mind to again be normal, but how…. I have no clue

I wish it was at least one conclusion, at least from it I’d drew. 

I’m tired of being right here so down so blue

If I only knew

What to simply do 


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