Where’s Everyone Now!

Sitting right now

All alone in bullshit that foul 

Mad at the face

Weak but strong in my place 

I’d rather take nothing 

Then sell my soul for their something 

I got injured 

But my company although insured

My well being was blurred

Life is so disappointing I’m scared 

It’s not about the truth and doing right 

It’s about the biggest liars fight. 

I lost at the beginning 

While in truth I was believing. 

I’m so tired of being bullied 

Today mentally I’m ruined 

Slowly dying 

While watching them lying 

At justice I’m screaming, I’m crying 

Wishing I knew 

What I’m to do 

Wishing for light 

And less of a fight 

When I did no wrong 

Bit they played me like ping pong 

They laughed 

While I cried

I tried 

While they simply said then did

What ever to simply get rid 


Because I stood up for me 

I’m tired totally tired 

Simply so I c old just expire 


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