Work Comp & Me 


It’s Not In Me — A Victim of Employer Fraud

It’s not in me To be Evil as thee Those that purposely Hurt me Those full of greed Of me feed At the same time they made me bleed They’ve sown a seed Took advantage of others in need Over the last few days I had to stay Stay away Away from those Those that […]

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I just spent 5 days in the hospital. Only Lord knows how it feels to be left like this. But in truth, only the Lord knows of his wrath. Some battles are not ours to fight. I learn that a long time ago. So I’m ok as I can be today. Better than I originally thought. I guess because I know I really WON. And they know it as well.

Attorney Liens

So my ex attorney, that was working for ESIS basically. Is now trying to put an attorney lien against my work comp case. Now whats funny is ESIS sent him a check for 924.12 endorsed to me on 8-24-2016 he cashed it on 8-30-2016. I fired him on 9-16-2016. I found out about the check on 11-17-2017. He wants me to say he can have as payment vs an attorney lien…. If y’all only knew how this man didnt represent me. Told me there was nothing wrong with me. Did everything to block me from getting medical treatment for over a year. To be continued

The NEW YEAR 2018

2018 still no resolution from Work Comp court. Woke up today in hella bad pain. A few days after going to court, everything that I tried to regain was again lost. I had been sober for a few months but around pretrail I relapsed. After the second I spiraled deeper. If only they understood and eouldve just tried to fix me. Everyday is a constant remember. What’s sad is the reminder comes from so many directions. Daily I think back on how that one decision can stolen life from me. Im at this point directionalist. I am today at 10 am 2 days into the restart of my sobriety. I have to find away to cope with it all. Even writing about it is a trigger.


Tonight I’m scared. After my injury and the causes around it. I went 11 months on a torn rotator cuff. So I started drinking alcohol. And now I’m an alcoholic. Tonight my pancreas reacted badly. Between the pain and my pancreas, most times I feel as if I’m dying. Tonight sighing. I want my health back… I’m terrified at this point. If I die from this I told my family to promise they will hold them accountable. And continue my fight. I hate this place. Good night